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Sigmund Freud theorized that each and every individual has the capacity to be bisexual at some right amount of time in their life.

Terminology edit edit source

The expression bisexual was initially utilized in the century that is 19th relate to intersexed individuals. By 1914 it had started to be applied within the context of intimate orientation. 5 Some bisexuals and intercourse scientists are dissatisfied using the term and also have developed many different alternative or additional terms to explain aspects and types of bisexuality. Most are neologisms not more popular because of the bigger culture.

Modern Western prevalence of bisexuality edit edit source

A 2002 study in the us by nationwide Center for Health Statistics unearthed that 1.8 % of males ages 18 44 considered by themselves bisexual, 2.3 per cent homosexual, and 3.9 % as "something different". The exact same research found that 2.8 per cent of females ages 18 44 considered by themselves bisexual, 1.3 per cent homosexual, and 3.8 per cent as "something different". 9 The Janus Report on Sexual Behavior, posted in 1993, revealed that 5 % of males and 3 per cent of females think about on their own bisexual and 4 per cent of males and 2 % of women considered by by themselves homosexual. 9 The 'Health' portion of the latest York circumstances has stated that "1.5 % of US ladies identify themselves as bisexual." 10


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