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After twelve minutes, the guests were leading 9: 5

This begins with Romy Vager's tart androgynous singing, which hits the tone of McLennan, who died in 2006 at the age of 48, with surprising accuracy.

It continues with the guitars, which oscillate between shimmering jangle pop, garage rock and post punk. There are also cool name-dropping texts about Marlon Brando and Chrissie Hynde, as well as a casual, modern indie production by Victor Van Vugt (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Beth Orton).


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"If I can still see that ..."

With "A Quality Of Mercy" (2017) RVG (the abbreviation stands for Romy Vager Group) set a first exclamation mark. Songs like the urgent "I Used To Love You", "Asteroid", "Perfect Day" or the closer "Photograph" mean a quantum leap for the band.

"Feral" doesn't offer too much variety in song tempo or arrangements, but with its ten smart songs in 36 compact minutes, the album is a lot of fun.

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The parent intends to take parental leave until he or she reaches the age of three.

Clause 4.7 of the Standard Provision stipulates that the assignment of qualification categories based on the results of attestation is carried out consistently.

Therefore, subject to the conditions provided for in paragraph 4.5 of the Model Regulations, a primary school teacher has the right to assign the results of the certification of the first qualification category, as having a complete higher pedagogical education in primary education and the second qualification category, retained after the transition to this position from the position of teacher of language and literature.

According to the Department of Social and Economic Protection of the Central Committee of the Trade Union


The duration of leave for the special nature of work is established by a collective or employment agreement

Additional leave for work on the PC

According to paragraph 1 of Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine "On Holidays" certain categories of workers whose work is associated with increased neuro-emotional and intellectual load or performed in special natural geographical and geological conditions and conditions of increased health risk, are provided with annual additional leave for the special nature of work - lasting up to 35 calendar days.

The specific duration of the annual additional leave for the special nature of work is set by a collective or employment agreement depending on the time of employment of the employee in these conditions.

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